Sushant Singh Rajput came from a middle-class family. He had ranked seventh in the DCE Entrance Exam. He was also a National Olympiad Winner in Physics. In all, he cleared as many as 11 engineering entrance exams, including that of the Indian School of Mines. He was a very hardworking and intelligent student. After he started participating in theatre and dance, he rarely had time for his studies, resulting in several backlogs which ultimately made him leave DCE. He completed only three years of the four-year course before dropping out to pursue an acting career.

His acting career started in the year 2008 in a TV serial Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil in which he played the role of Preet Juneja. Later in 2009, he starred in Pavitra Rishta as Manav Deshmukh.
He got his big break in movies in 2013 and since then he was a superstar and was having millions of fan following. Everyone loved his acting skills in all the movies that he did but he became more popular after M.S Dhoni: The Untold Story. His last movie Dil Bechara which is a remake of The Fault In Our Stars has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
On 14th June 2020, Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead hanging from the ceiling fan in his home in Bandra, Mumbai. According to Mumbai police, investigation they have found medical reports and medical prescriptions denoting that he was suffering from depression from past six months.” Woh Chala Gaya Bina zikar kiye, Kyun ki Kisi ko uske zikar ki fikar he na this!! “Now the main question occurs is was it really a suicide? Here are some facts about his rumors going on related to his death: 1. All the CCTV of the complex was shut down before his death. 2. Some of his friends also came to his flat the night before. 3. The sound of hooting can be heard from inside which is not a sign of depression usually. 4. He was out a couple of hours before he died and he was in a good mood. 5. In the hanging object no fingerprints were found except for the thumb, index, and little finger of the actor, but he was not left so it was not possible for him to commit suicide by hanging himself with the left hand. 6. Usually in this type of suicide at the time of death, the eyes remain wide and the hands are clenched but none of these matches the actor. 7. The duplicate key of the door is missing. 8. Sushant once said to his girlfriend Rhea, “I can be killed if I have a relationship with you” 9. Few days before the incident Rhea removed all personal photos of Sushant from her Instagram handle. 10. Also, Mahesh Bhatt once said in an interview that Sushant will have to commit suicide one day. It’s just a coincidence or something more is still mysterious.
Everyone knows that he many times mentioned the ignorance he feels while being in Bollywood. But no one actually cared. But what it takes, nepotism will always be there. The real reason for his death may not be revealed ever due to power and money, but I don’t think that it was a suicide. What are your views do mention in the comments?

4 thoughts on “What was the reason behind Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death?

  1. I am totally agree with you drashti. We are the today’s generation and I think we are the only reason of all these nepotism, once we stop supporting nepotism we can see the change.

  2. But we need to find to kill sushant
    Put away ur money or power
    But u tak an innocent life with full desire.
    I curse all the peopl involv in that case sushant who kill him without a heart.god is there
    Light will b done

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