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What Happens When You Face Death - Sadhguru - YouTube

Death: one of the biggest taboos still prevailing in the modern world.
The most essential characteristics that if of human life.
This book marks itself to be a deadly shooter of the modern world, religious scriptures as well as physical sciences.
The verse is simply written but it’s not easy to read or get thinks out clear, it requires the reader to put aside whatever nonsense they believe or disbelieve and to read it objectively and with full involvement.
The book can only be a successful one, in your life when you take steps, take steps after reading, implementing the thoughts of Sadhguru in your existence.
Traveling through this book would be as good as doing Satsang.
Each and every aspect of your life and death has been dealt with, in detail, in his unique style, as simple as intense and as lively
it seems.
The different dimensions offered by this book is no less.
Giving a must-read to the book which spells out your life in the words of Sadhguru is just so realistic.
Brimming with the knowledge that everyone wants and needs to know. It would lead you to look at life with different perspectives.
This book has the ability to successfully touch the minds of all kinds.
Penning down this ultimate knowledge for all which otherwise would have taken many lifetimes for common people to realize.
We all own a bow to Sadhguru.

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