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1.Design Problem

Tackling a design problem is the exercise of designing a shelter for the personality which is provided to us. The shelter should be designed in such a way that it would cover all the climatic parameters and also the Client’s need. Space should be attractive and interactive enough for the client. The sketches which are on the other side shows the perspective view, The whole site is designed by having all the needs and requirements of the client.

A Shelter in Goa

Goa is considered one of the best tourist place in India, by considering this beautiful place the client is very passionate about his cooking chooses the place for building his shelter. The site is on the Alluvial and laterite soil with three different vegetation like banyan, cashew, and coconut tree. The building has it’s a beautiful view of seaside this the entrance is in the backside which helps to connect with approach road, by entering there is the house there are some stairs which makes the house on the level and helps to prevent from rainwater, after entering the house there is the kitchen and the hangout spot where guest can enjoy their wines and cook can also, enjoy his cooking, the windows of the kitchen are placed in such a way that the cook can have a look that who comes in the home, the kitchen has the big glass sliders which help for ventilation and it also connects with the dining area which is open and it has a gazebo on it, the dining area is towards the sea, so the guest can enjoy the evening sea view, this dining area is connected with passages and the other passage which is towards seaside connects with the slab where the cook can sit with his friends, this area is covered with cashew tree, so the area is shaded most of its time. The bedroom is also connected with passage but it is on the other side of the kitchen, this bedroom is placed there because of ventilation and sunlight, the passage between it has beautiful plants around it, the bedroom has a reading area and bathroom area, reading area is used by cook when he wants to make notes of recipes. There is the beautiful kitchen garden, where he has grown up his vegetables on his own, to store his vegetables there is the pantry area where he can put all the things together, the pantry is connected with a kitchen so that it is easy to move his vegetables. All the views are set in the direction which encourages the cook to spend
his day without hesitation


Varanasi Field Studio helps us to study the interaction between the local people, also their cultures and lifestyles. Here is the detailed study of Mansarovar Street which is located behind the Mansarovar Ghat. Human Activities and lifestyles show here with the sketches. The Lifestyle of Mahadev saree shop gives the idea about their habits and their movements in the day, there are some street sketches which show different shops in perspective. The key plan and the main plan show the exact location of the street and there is the elevation of the street.

3.Technical Drawing II

Technical Drawing II helps us to understand how to understand the spaces and how to put it on paper. Here the building allotted to us is the CEPT Workshop, where the real understanding of spaces is done, also how to show materials in plans and sections, which is the most important part of the technical drawings. These drawings help to understand the spaces and the surroundings also.

4.How things work

How things work shows the exploded view of the mechanical objects. These mechanical objects help to understand what are the main elements that are inside the object. How objects are really working with these small elements. The exercise started with the displacement of the objects, After removing each element from the object, we tried to know how these elements work and thus after all the procedure we reach to make the exploded view of the object

5. Model Making.

Model Making helps us to knowhow to build a model from the single plan, it also helps us to work in a team and also helps to use efficient materials. The Model makings help us the Craftmanship and also about the materials. Model making helps to grow skills of drafting because if we have mistakes in our drafting then there will always the error in placing the models and it becomes the huge errors sometimes.

The model is on the Hathi Gaon situated in Rajasthan. Hathi Gaon is made up of huge concrete walls so that they can make a shelter for the elephants. The process starts with knowing the materials so that we decided to gave the actual view of Hathi Gaon. The stones which are scuttled and paste gave the impression of the stones which are on the wall, from this the real look of Hathi Gaon comes out. For stones, we cut the small waste from the waste paper and stick it in the wall.

By Zeel Patel :

She pursuing her Interior Designing, second year from CEPT University. Here is her research work about Design process. Contact no :-+91 81400 60363

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