It is really an overwhelming accomplishment to launch your online store on Shopify. Does not matter how awesome your services and products, your sales may fall flat if you do not have an impressive online presence. In order to bring conversions to your business, global recognition is a must. Shopify offers an attractive and outperforming platform to your online stores. Shopify web development and web designing services are outstanding to upscale your business’ revenue. Shopify enables web developers to boost website traffic by improving its visibility. Visibility is the key to bring your potential customers to your Shopify store. Your website needs more exposure through search engine optimization and through social media platforms. 

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· Optimization to Search Engine

Today we are living on a web page, where everybody is aware of the efficiency of the internet and search engine. Your potential customers search for their products and services on the search engine, at that time it becomes essential to have your visibility in front of them. Shopify experts enable your online store visible on SEO ranking. In order to bring your online store in SEO ranking then it is important to have the right assessment of what your customers searching for. The use of right keywords with a relevancy a d quality content can rank your website higher in Search Engine. Content is the website that tell your brand story to your customers. 

· Content marketing

A simple content at the bottom of every category page does the miracles in attracting the customers. Website content also loaded with key words which are likely used in Search Engine by the people. KWfinder tool helps you to find the right keywords which have high search volume. A quick scan of the words and phrases will be appeared and you can pick them to use in your content. Great content enables your online store to rank high in SEO. 

· Customized themes

Shopify offers your website with enchanting themes and through web designing services, these themes can easily be customized. A perfect and unique theme allures visitor and attract them. Shopify themes determine the overall look and function of your online store. You can have great choice of themes from funky, funny to sleek and elegant. These themes impact your customer’s judgement when they land on your page. It is so very important to have a great looking site that browses pretty faster. Choosing simple and light themes take less time to load, on the other hand bulky and massive themes consumes lot of time which consequently causes bouncing of visitors from your site. 

· Choose design that fits your brand

Choosing the right design is crucial as it makes sense to your online store. Right themes make a deeper connection with your customers and result in enhanced sales. A perfect design that enhances the look and feel of your brand and theme really works best on visitor’s minds. It is the best support to enhance business revenue. Your website is meant to drive your sale, so it needs to be slick, attractive and outperforming to engage the customers and enhance your revenue. 

· Fast loading speed

The Shopify platform allows web developers to develop fully functional websites. A fast loading speed is an important trait of an excellent website. Customers love to see a website that browses really fast. Loading speed determines the quality of your website and brand. An innovative and tech-savvy web developer always focuses on the browsing speed of the website. 

· App Integration

Shopify offers space to integrate several apps to your online store. Many eminent businesses use the Shopify platform that allows them to work with several apps at a time. App integration is an important aspect of the website. it enhances the functionality of the website. Shopify web developers integrate these apps easily to online stores and it delivers a cost-effective solution to your customers. your customers can find number of options regrading, choosing their products, shipping methods, ways of transaction etc. CloveCode is a fast leading web design and web development company that provides perfect integration and customization to your online store, so that it delivers incredible benefits in the form of great traffic and a huge revenue.

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