GEDA (Gujarat Energy Development Agency) is a local autonomous organization in Gujrat working in the field of renewable energy development and energy conservation. It is also responsible for the development of a long-term renewable policy and implementing sustainable energy programs across the state. Its main aim is to make renewable energy and energy-related technologies readily available economically and commercially. It is also working as a state nodal agency (SNA) for the ministry of new and renewable energy sources (MoNRE) and the state-designated agency (SDA) for the Bureau of energy efficiency (BEE). GEDA was responsible for the formation of Commission of Additional sources of energy (CASE) in 1981, which later became DNES (Department of Non-conventional Energy Sources) in 1982 and a fully established Ministry – MNES (Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources) in the 90s, which now is known by the name of MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy). These models of agencies were also implemented in other states throughout the country to establish such similar state nodal energy. GEDA is also responsible for promoting and popularizing the programs in the state by a pioneering number of sustainable initiatives.

The main office of GEDA is located near Udyog Bhavan in the sector – 11, Gandhinagar.

History and Development: –

Origins: – 

Surya Cooker organization, the first organization that brought the solar cooker in India which was made in Bardoli by the Agricultural Tools Research Centre (ATRC) in 1979, which was made available publicly. As Surya Cooker was the first company to offer the first renewable energy-based product, people of Gujarat believe that both the Surya cooker and GEDA are the same. Indeed, the Surya Cooker has played a significant role in revolutionizing the Renewable energy industry in India. Upliftment of the idea “cooking without a fuel” has given birth to ‘The National Solar Cooker’ program, which was launched in 1982-83 by the central government in the rest of the country. Thus, the Surya Cooker Organization has been a prototype, in providing the basic structure and providing support towards the establishment of GEDA.

Objectives : –

  1. Support, coordinate and advance research projects or tasks for the model (showing ventures) and pilot examinations in the zone of new and inexhaustible wellsprings of vitality. 
  2. Give specialized and monetary help to plan projects, structures and activities implied for expansion of sustainable power source improvement in the state. 
  3. Embrace or support, techno-monetary/financial possibility contemplates/money-saving advantage examination. 
  4. Plan and actualize a wide-based program for the preservation of vitality at all stages, including extraction, transformation, dissemination, and utilization in all segments of the economy. 
  5. Study the natural impacts of all vitality related procedures. 
  6. Build up an Energy Resources Centre that will gather and examine vitality and between related data. 
  7. Create and bolster Documentation Services in the region of vitality when all is said in done and sustainable power source precisely. 
  8. Create Communication and Education ventures for the widespread scattering of vitality and natural issues.

Strategies : –

Various policies are formed by the Central and State government to promote the use of renewable energy and energy-related technologies like: –

  1. Promoting the socially and commercially related schemes for different regions based on the needs of a particular region, i.e. Urban, Rural.
  2. Demonstrating projects and schemes to the people for their better understanding.
  3. Giving financial aids in the form of Subsidies to encourage people to use Renewable energy technologies.
  4. Providing support to the R&D activities.
  5. Providing information and education to the people by explaining to them the importance of it.

various other components are also crucial in successfully promoting the RE technologies on the company end like: –

  1. Calculating the need for energy.
  2. Calculating the need for technical equipment needed to fulfill energy needs.
  3. Assessing natural resources.
  4. Promoting the research in the field of RE technology, product, and market development.
  5. Strengthening commercial distribution channels to make products readily available to consumers.
  6. Generating a network to collect vital feedback from the consumer about the product.
  7. Propagating the idea of Renewable Energy by introducing it through school education.
  8. Building the RE resource centre and maintaining it.

Achievements: –

GEDA is the only company India has won three consecutive awards in the field of promoting the use of solar cookers. It is also awarded the National Award for the overall best performance in popularizing the solar cookers under the national program of promoting the solar cooker in November 2007 by Hon’ble President of India Smt. Pratibha Patil on behalf of the MNES. Its contribution to promoting the use and research in the field of Renewable energy technologies. Many steps have also taken in the development of solar energy like: –

  1. M S University in Vadodara has become the first campus where solar rooftops have installed, and this project done with the association of the Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA). According to the university, this project will help in reducing the energy bill subsequently. This proposal prepared in collaboration with GEDA which was approved by the syndicate body is to install 964 KW generating solar panels across the whole university, and according to an engineer of the university, this would cut at least 1.4 crores/annum.
  1. With support from the state government, Gandhinagar signed the proposal of Rs. 1 lakh crores made by the memorandums of understanding (MoUs) at Vibrant Gujrat global summit 2019.
  1. It has built Charanka solar park, which is spread on 2000-hectare land. It has also implemented the scheme of providing solar system at a subsidize rate, which installed 183.51 MW of solar rooftop system.    

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