47% of US occupation in danger of Artificial Intelligence, as per a recent report by Frey and Osborne and soon it will reach out to the world as well. AI sabotaging almost all the booming industries in the USA.  

Artificial intelligence technology with many potential merits if not used properly with pre-planned considerations. But it can also come with major setbacks like A 49-year-old woman was hit and killed by an Uber autonomous car at approximately 40mph as she was crossing the road in Tempe, Arizona. Police cross-checked that, there was an operator in the Volvo SUV at the time of the collision and stated that it didn’t appear the car had slowed down, A clear argument against an autonomous car as it kills both jobs and people, the cops stated in the defence of uber that “She came from the shadows” but AI-controlled car doesn’t need sunlight to judge or calibrate objects and many such other similar accident also happened. Despite such facts, it is still among those few technical fields from which major technological advancement can be expected in this upcoming decade.

Just like the case of uber, an AI-controlled car it is possible that it may have accidents with other car or random objects causing death both the sides due to some miscalculations, but on the other side, for a normal uber taxi-driver the chance of car having an accident is relatively very less, Thus here Artificial Intelligence has two disadvantages, firstly it would sabotage the job of a happy uber driver and secondly, there is no guarantee that it would work out perfectly. But still, it has its own applications from the fact that it is used by various firms to compete in various marketing strategies to ensure a big market share than the others or used by common people to spellcheck (autocorrect)thereby detreating our memory or by people who use it to pencil certain things down, mere by speaking of it or by identify different objects easily in microseconds. 

The primary reason for which we are considering Artificial Intelligence as the main concern for employment even though other technologies decrease employment too is that no other technology can replace or mick the human mind. 

As we all thought so, as we all live our lives bounded by what we accept as correct and true and that’s how we define reality, and our reality may be a mere illusion, that’s why reality may differ, as we look more into it the problem as Artificial Intelligence can come with only two possibilities like:-

  1. It may increase the demand for computer engineers needed to maintain the whole system of AI.
  2. It may decrease the laborers required to complete any job which requires human to do it.

Artificial Intelligence comes with many godly gifts of its own, and maybe that’s why Artificial gift can turn out to be the best gift for the industries, companies, stack holders, doctors, hotels, etc. Because, for any company or industry, it can increase their efficiency by 10 times and that too at a cheaper cost compared to a human as AI is all about mimicking human intelligence up to near perfect. An average adult requires 7- 8 hours of sleep, plus humans can become sick and also for any company, employees are valuable and costly assets they have to be paid for their work compared to it, using AI will increase their efficiency and decrease the cost of an employee that a company bares. So, it’s obvious for a company to use AI to do their jobs. Meanwhile, we can’t blame humans to be less efficient than machines but, still, the reality is always harsh to accept. Even though humans have emotions that machines don’t have, but in real-world emotions don’t work you have to be the best. In the real world just to get a decent job is hard and with AI you have to be at the top to survive.

The vehemence of AI being used has significantly increased since the last 5 years, even though it has certain negative impacts on our capacity to widen. It may have made us handicapped to a certain extent. It has also deeply affected the employment rate in the current economy like many jobs have been replaced by artificial intelligence for example salespeople, automobile industry workers, cars drive doctors, construction sites workers and so on. The government may be able to serve citizens more quickly and precisely, and save time and money.  In short, it is steadily destroying the jobs of millions of peoples, many thinkers also feared that it may grow to harm the humans, despite it being a technology to reduce human efforts, but still that’s too much to expect from an underdeveloped tech. What I see is that it can only jeopardize the jobs of the common people as of now, like: – 

Many AI-based technologies are sabotaging the occupation of people like, the drone technologies are changing the means of postal services, for example, it has replaced the post offices, FedEx or any other postal services this is another downfall of such AI-based technologies, drone technology is also providing relief to a medical emergency by providing essential medicines. Also, the 3-D printing technology is developing ways to build an entire house or building based on the blueprints provided to it, in just a week or two which can lead to the unemployment of millions of daily wage workers doing small jobs like carpentry, plumbing and construction during construction of a house is also one of its cons.

Tesla has brought up the concept of automated Trucks thereby sabotaging the booming industry of trucking in the USA. But as a matter of fact, if we talk about America’s per year population growth its about 0.7 to 0.9 percent and out of it hardly 0.1 percent of the people might become computer engineers based on the fact that AI is the next future and may get a decent job, rest 0.6 to 0.7 percent of people may endure from the lack of job opportunities. On average, there are approximately 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the United States, according to estimates by the American Trucking Association. The total number of people employed in the industry, including those in positions that do not entail driving, exceeds 8.7 million, so if we think in terms of numbers jobs provided by the Artificial intelligence for computer engineers is very less in comparison to the jobs lost by the truckers only, also, as a matter of fact, there is a primary requirement that he/she has to be a decent computer engineer to do so, Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence doesn’t require computer engineers only, to maintain it properly we also need data scientists, mathematicians and people from other fields, so it might provide some backbone to the deflating employment rate, meanwhile, it can also snatch jobs of a simple economist, accountant, medic, broker, shopkeeper, etc. This is just a simple example that how AI can replace such a large profession of truckers in which one can earn more than 60,000$ per annum and thereby destroying $700 billion US trucking industry in an instance. But these are all unskilled laborers, labors can be defined based on skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled laborers and only skilled laborers are needed to maintain this technology, but that doesn’t mean that skilled laborers lie within the safe zone, there are machines available to conduct microsurgeries based on AI. But relatively skilled laborers are safe compared to unskilled laborers as unskilled laborers mainly include jobs like factory line worker, custodial worker, farmer, clerks, restaurant worker these all jobs can be done by AI-controlled bots. Also, nowadays there are some restaurants which have bots as their waiter. But soon, Self-driving cars and robot waiters to robotic doctors and robot journalists, what seem like novelties today will become common for us. 

No matter what technology there’s always going to be a flaw in it, as in the end, all that depends is how that technology is used and how people are going to view that technology. Despite trucking being a booming industry, there have been major setbacks in it because of Tesla vehicles (or trucks) driving without the consciousness of the driver. Thereby, decreasing human employment and increasing the efficiency of the logistics and because of decreasing human employment in this time of high population growth many oppose have also be faced by Tesla against its trucks.

Thus, no matter how perfect this idea or technology be there are always pros and cons of it, however, for this particular case pros are in terms of economics and cons is socially connected by jeopardizing the jobs of common people. 

But whether the people accept it or not Artificial intelligence is the future of mankind and it’s going to be implemented whether you like it or not.

By Kathan Joshi

Student of B-Tech CSE, the second year from Ahmedabad University. He is a very technical person from a coding background. Contact details:

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